Transport Planning

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Traffic Assignment is used when analysing the long term conditions of infrastructure and demand and the average effects of new infrastructure or demand. It is the reference tool for Transport Planning.

The first question to answer when considering existing infrastructures is: are they going to be able to deal with the increase of demand for the following decade?

The next question when considering changes is: are those changes the best ones for the present traffic conditions and future demand?

There are also questions related to public transport: Which is the best bus-map to take care of demand? How much existing demand will shift from private vehicle to public transport?

Finally urban development may bring proposals for spaces like sports stadiums, exhibitions or commercial centres, spots with a very important impact on existing traffic demand and it will be necessary to evaluate whether the infrastructure will be able to support such a change, and in case it cannot which will be the required changes.

These questions have been carefully studied during the last decades, endorsing Traffic Asignment as an effective and efficient solution.

Betterways counts with a wide experience with the main tools for traffic studies, either at macroscopic, mesoscopic and microscopic level, tools such as AIMSUN, EMME3/DYNAMEQ, TRANSCAD AND VISION; an experience that includes the development of personalized solutions for singular cases and scenarios that reach further than the standard features of the conventional software tools.